Tools for nail machines

Every nail manufacturer knows that quality tools help to save time and money. Because of technical features, we are capable to manufacture all tools from scratch. It means we have technology to press the powder- sinter products-final grinding. Sumar Ltd technical competence is unique among Northern- Europe companies.

Sumar engineers have solved common issues, which all nail producers are suffering for. A combination of using right material and clever design is the key of our carbide tools lifetime. Due to flexible production, we can supply custom shape tools according to client needs. Our development team would find a solution for every customer.



Die / Jaw / Insert die Wafios Fastech wire nail tools carbide clamping die jaw_mordaza matriz_klemmbacke

Jaws for single wire and double wire nailing machines:

  • Brazed die
  • Insert die (Sumar type)
  • Heavy duty brazed die (wire Ø5 mm up to 9 mm)


Punch / Hammer Wafios Fastech wire nail tools carbide punch_martillo_stempel

All types of nail head hammers are available:

  • Plan
  • Serrated
  • Lettered


Cutter insert / knives Wafios Fastech wire nail tools carbide cutting insert_inserto cortador_messer

Double sided cutters. All cutter angles and  shapes are available:

  • Conical point
  • Star / diamond
  • Chisel point

Tools for nail machines are available for models:

Wafios N1/N11—- Wafios N2/N21 Wafios N3/N31 —- Wafios N4/N41 —- Wafios N5/N51 Wafios N6/N61 Wafios N90/N90A Wafios N80/N80D Wafios S25 ——– Wafios S40 ——– Wafios S50 ———- Wafios S70/S75 —- Wafios S110 ——- Wafios S140 —— Wafios S200 —— Wafios S260 ——- Nailmaster

Vitari V10R————Vitari V14R————Vitari V17R————Vitari V20R————Vitari V23R————Vitari V27R————Vitari V30R

Moroni SPN 50 —- Moroni SPN 70 —- Moroni SPN 120 Moroni SPN 170 Moroni SPN 240 Moroni SPN 320

Fastech ANP 21/50 Fastech ANP 25/70 Fastech ANP 34/100 Fastech ANP 46/130 Fastech ANP 55/130 Fastech ANP 55/160

Kovopol THA 14/32 Kovopol THA 25/60 Kovopol THA 31/80 Kovopol THA 40/120


mordenti per macchine Wafios, Vitari, Moroni, Kovopol; utensili per la produzione di chiodi; coltelli