Industrial carbide knives

Applications such as press tools and industrial cutting lines are using carbide blades for increasing efficiency. Tungsten carbide knives gives more than 5 times longer tools lifetime and therefore decreased pauses in the production. Our clients belong to automotive carpet industry, sheet metal production and also agricultural sector. Knives are used in different applications, but overall these have to be wear resistant and hard (HRA up to 90). Both characteristics are common for hard metal material.

Carbide disc

Carbide discs can be used for continuing cutting operations like plastic film production or non-ferrous material machining.

Disc diameters varies between 12…250 mm, while thickness is 0,6 mm …5 mm.

Co content varies 6…20%

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Carbide knife / cutting blade

Automotive carpet manufacturers have gained quicker operation times and longer machine service intervals by using tungsten knives. We can manufacture blades according to client drawings or parts.

Agricultural blades are used for tilling on harsh working conditions. Harsh working conditions means abrasive and rocky soils.

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