Powder metallurgy products

Sustainable production – 100% recyclable materials

About Us

1991 Sumar Ltd was founded by a group of investigators from university powder material laboratory . At the beginning, steel tools, carbide cutter blades, wear parts and press tools were manufactured. Data about material behavior and test expectations were stored and analyzed. Material development has been a key to success throughout Sumar Ltd history.
Nowadays the production is specialized in tools for nail machines  such as Wafios, Kovopol, Vitari, Moroni,  Tanisaka and others. Export account 95% of total production and covering U.S, Mexico, Brazil , South-Africa and Europe markets.

More than 130 clients will be the evidence of quality service and reliability products. Our team with engineers and material specialists do not leave in the lurch!

Development of powders

powderMore than 20 year of experience has given know-how, which help to provide bright ideas for our tool development. Powder material specialists are responsible of production quality control and new design analyses. Our laboratory can define sintered parts material and carry through hardness measurements.  Material and tool shape are playing equally important role for tools lifespan. In order to succeed, we are focusing for both.

FEM analyses

femPowder metallurgy is known as precise metal parts production. No matter whether to produce tungsten carbide inserts or steel products – all of them have to be analyzed in order to prevent design mistakes an later failure. Finite element method is precise enough for estimating new design success.